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Illustration Friday: Radio

So I’m trying to get better at drawing men. Which is not working out all that well in my opinion. But I tell myself that if I keep working on it I’ll get there. I struggle with the body proportions. So I’ve kind of cheated on this one by giving him a baggy jacket. Yep, cheating. Hope you like it. I promise to put in more effort next week.



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Illustration Friday: Duet

Duet is a wonderful word. One can do so much with it. So many things are done in pairs.

The idea behind this piece is that the girl and boy work on a radio show, and they sort of have a behind the scenes romance.

Done with ink & watercolour.

I am also working on doing the same piece as a photoshop painting, as I felt it sort of lent itself to that. My photoshop painting skills are so out of practice though, so I decided to just post this up, since the actual piece on computer is going to take me forever to get to a level where I would be happy to post it up. Look out for it later in the year when I’m not in the middle of dissertation & exam revision. 🙂

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