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Illustration Friday: Skull

I must admit that it has been forever since I last did a piece for Illustration Friday. My Masters course has had first priority this year and hasn’t really left room for much else in the way of commitments or hobbies.

But when this weeks theme came up am was ‘skull’ I figured I could do with a creative break from working on my thesis.

Skulls always instantaneously make me think of Hamlet. Hamlet was one of my A-level English Literature pieces. I must admit prior to taking English Literature I had had read Shakespeare, but predominantly his histories and comedies. I’m not really one for tragedies. In any genre or medium. Its just not very entertaining in my opinion. But I think its hard not to fall in love with Hamlet after all. Though I must admit I don’t particularly like Hamlet himself, but I adore Horatio, he is one of my absolutely favourite Shakespeare characters.

What few people know is that Shakespeare actually based Hamlet on a read Danish legend about a man named Amleth who’s life pretty much panned out the way it does in Shakespeare’s plot, except along the way he defeats the English and marries both the English princess and a Scottish queen and he’s not killed with poison or daggers or any of that jazz, but in a battle upon arriving home to Denmark with both his wives.

Needless to say, being Danish, I think the original Amleth is way cooler. So I’ve drawn Amleth rather than Hamlet (though they are essentially the same person). Outfit is loosely based on early medieval/viking outfits. I had fun using some sketching pencils as well which I don’t typically use but people keep giving to me as Christmas presents. 😛 Its an advantage that I needed to practise drawing men anyway, I’m so much more comfortable drawing women. I did consider gender bending, but that will have to be a later project. Also edited the background in GIMP.


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Illustration Friday: Spirit


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Illustration Friday: Together

I had fun doing this one.I love drawing cute couples. I really need to practice drawing men though… This is one of my favourite quotes by one of my favourite authors.together

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Illustration Friday: Totem

So when I was thinking about totems, it made me think of Patronus’ in Harry Potter, because esentially they’re totems of the characters. My favourite patronus has always been Luna Lovegood’s hare so I decided to draw her with her hare. And then, because I’m obssesed with drawing historic costumes, I found this really pretty outfit, which she’s wearing. I always wondered what my patronus would be…


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The Followup…

So my brother is having lots of fun making up a story to go with the girl that I drew for Hybrid. So naturally, my 9-year-old sister also desired to be part of this ‘make-a-story-from-ShellyLou’s-drawing’ trend, so I drew her one as well. My sister adores playing the violin, so naturally hers received a violin. She named her Martha. I’m just glad my younger siblings think I’m pretty cool for once. Thats one of the problems when you have large age gaps between children, sometimes I’m the coolest thing since sliced bread, and sometimes I’m really annoying because I’m babysitting and telling them to brush their teeth before they go to bed…


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Illustration Friday: Hybrid

So I was playing around with the idea of Hybrid for a while, its such a versatile subject! But for a while I’ve really wanted to draw some people with robot parts (I don’t know why, I’m sure it must have been inspired by something, but I’m not sure what) so I was drawn to the idea of drawing that as a hybrid between man and machine. I gave her to my younger brother who is 14 and told him to come up with a story for her.  Anyone else is of course also welcome to come up with story ideas for her, and I’d love to hear them! 😀

Again, sorry about the bad scan, I don’t have my photoshop or gimp up and running yet…


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Ilustration Friday: Surveillance

Not a very good scan I’m afriad, I don’t currently have my own computer yet. Better will come. 🙂 The picture itself I must admit is also very hastily put together. I struggled to come up with something I wanted to draw for the theme. I wanted to do it in just pencil, its a while since I’ve allowed pencil lines to speak for themselves.


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