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Official Introduction to PROW: Jane Austen

So on my website for PROW: Positive Representation Of Women I had a small blog. However I have decided I don’t have the time to run it the way I want to, so this is the first post I posted on it which was the official introduction to PROW that I wrote to act as an extension of the ‘About’ page. You also get my illustration of Jane Austen this week.




Initially this project began because I decided that my younger sister needed to read books with strong female protagonists. There are many resources on the internet to find them. My favourite is a website called ‘A Mighty Girl’ who has been my main navigation in the world of literature for young girls with strong female leads. It is very easy to search, you can get it to narrow it down by reccomended age, by prize winners, genre etc. Essentially I wanted my younger sister to read about girls and women who went out and did stuff, not females who either sat around and waited for the guy, or was the guy’s sidekick.

So I ensured we got some of these books for her birthday. We started off with three novels for the 9-12 age group. ‘The Girl who Circumnavitaged Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making’ (I adore the title), ‘Goth Girl’ and ‘The Spindlers’.

She loved them. I read them, and I loved them. In fact, ‘The Girl who Circumnavitaged Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making’ is firmly on my list of favourite books. It is a beautiful whimsical book. And they all had strong female main characters. I have since bought my younger sister a wide variety of books with strong female main characters.

I wanted to illustrate some of these characters to frame on my sisters wall. I began by drawing Theodosia, September and Liza who I all loved. (I think my favourite is Theodosia, because she lives in a museum and I work with museums because I love them). However for quite a while I’ve also been working on injecting some real-life female heros and role models into my sisters life. I decided to expand the project and draw real women as well who I wanted her to take as her role models.

Now I must admit that one of my fictional heroes is Hermione Granger. Ever since I was twelve and was given my first Harry Potter book by my grandfather, I have related to her. Probably because just like her I was a dark blonde, bushy-haired, large teeth, know-it-all. And Hermione Granger made that okay. I could go on about Hermione and me, but I think that will have to be another blog post. The point is I always admired her for founding SPEW. I tried to figure out a way I could use SPEW, but couldn’t think of any relevant S-words, so I ended up with PROW. Postive Representation Of Women. Like the ‘prow’ of a ship I hope that this work will go forward, be visible and make a difference in how we think of representation of women.

The aim of this project is therefore to illustrate women, both fictional and real, in all of their strengths and beauties. I have also aimed for a very symbolic illustrative style, the objects that surround the women are objects that I relate to them. I hope you enjoy them and learn about some new female heroes and gain some new female role models.

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Illustration Friday: Radio

So I’m trying to get better at drawing men. Which is not working out all that well in my opinion. But I tell myself that if I keep working on it I’ll get there. I struggle with the body proportions. So I’ve kind of cheated on this one by giving him a baggy jacket. Yep, cheating. Hope you like it. I promise to put in more effort next week.



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Illustration Friday: Together

I had fun doing this one.I love drawing cute couples. I really need to practice drawing men though… This is one of my favourite quotes by one of my favourite authors.together

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Ilustration Friday: Surveillance

Not a very good scan I’m afriad, I don’t currently have my own computer yet. Better will come. 🙂 The picture itself I must admit is also very hastily put together. I struggled to come up with something I wanted to draw for the theme. I wanted to do it in just pencil, its a while since I’ve allowed pencil lines to speak for themselves.


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Illustration Friday: Disguise

Have been working on this one over the weekend. I saw a gorgeous picture in this art book my dad owns, ‘Lifestyle Illustrations of the 60s’. I would recommend it, it’s a gorgeous book, with amazing pictures, and such a great book to dip into for inspiration. So the idea of part colour, part black and white comes from an image in this book.

The link to this weeks theme comes from a completely different source, I was baking, and when I’m baking/cooking, I always listen to music, and ‘Hey there Delilah’ was on the playlist, and (I’m sure for the first time) I noticed the line, “Listen to my voice, it’s my disguise, I’m by your side” and immediately though, Illustration Friday! It’s such a cute line, and inspired this. The story behind it is that he’s an author, he’s in love with her, and she’s holding one of his books, and his voice through the novel is his disguised way of telling her that he loves her. Points by the way to the person who can guess which actor I used as reference when drawing the guy. 🙂

The actual scene is the second-hand book market under Waterloo Bridge in London, which I absolutely love, its right beside where the IBM London office is, where my dad works, so sometimes I take my younger siblings to London to the museums, he drives us, and when we’re done we take the underground to Embankment, and meet up with our dad under Waterloo Bridge. I totally tell him we’ll meet him there, just so I can see the second-hand books, disguising it as making it easier for him. 🙂 I just can’t resist the lure of secondhand books.

This is a bit different than normal, done in pen and watercolour, and then because I didn’t feel the colours were strong enough, I went over it with felt-tip pens, except the sky and the skin. I quite like how it turned out, first time I’ve tried that…

‘Close your eyes
Listen to my voice, it’s my disguise
I’m by your side’

~ Hey There Delilah by Plain White T’s

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Illustration Friday: Asleep

This weeks theme ‘asleep’ and I was playing with my sister during church service today, and she had an activity book with disney princesses, and I felt the urge to draw sleeping beauty. And it fits the theme! So here we go, Sleeping Beauty, asleep in her palace, with a barrier of thorns and roses, and some wicked ravens.

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Illustration Friday: Lesson

Sorry to those who follow my blog for the lack of updates lately. Last year of university, and I’ve been working furiously on my dissertation, finishing it off, getting it bound, noticing all my stupid mistakes and tearing my hair out… yeah. Joy. It gets handed in on Tuesday, and then I don’t have to worry about it anymore. I can’t wait to see it go!

This week though, I had that little extra time to actually sit down and do an illustration Friday piece. It feels so fulfilling! This weeks theme is lesson, and all my preliminary idea sketches and this final piece were all themed around ‘the lesson of life’ rather than school lessons. I’m actually really happy with this piece (yes, another lovey-dovey couple, they make me so happy!) they look so content in each others company. *deep sigh* I very much want a happy and content relationship like that one day.

Done in ball-point pen.

“Hey there Delilah
I’ve got so much left to say
If every simple song I wrote to you
Would take your breath away
I’d write it all”

~ Hey There Delilah by Plain White T’s

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Bottle my Heart

As promised, the un-photoshopped version of my bottled entry. Hope you like it. 🙂

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Illustration Friday: Bottled

This weeks Illustration Friday word is bottled. So exciting, there are so many things to do with that! I had this idea that I wanted to draw a girl/ women amongst a lot of bottles. Went through several sketch ideas, which I may post at a later date. However one idea prevailed, which was spirit jars! You know the jars that you always have in biology with preserved snakes, squid, snails, fish, scorpions etc.

Now, I feel the need to explain why this idea prevailed, as people have before looked at my artwork with an almost frightened expression, and ask what on earth goes on in my mind. A while back me and my siblings went on the Spirits Collection tour at the Natural History Museum in London (which I recommend!). It was really fun and interesting (you know, if your the odd kind like me and my siblings who love looking at persevered giant squid and whale guts).

So I began drawing this girl, and the spirit jars. I put her in a school uniform, because the idea was that she was in a biology classroom. Lol, one of the things which I love about the composition is  that, I didn’t have to draw hands! People might have noticed that I suck at drawing hands, and avoid it when at all possibly. I drew in the snake and the squid, and then I was left with the lonely spirit jar in the middle, not knowing what to draw in it. I ended up drawing a heart in it, how symbolic. 🙂

Done in ink and watercolour, and then I played around with it in photoshop. Took all the colours away, lol, but I think it looked nice in black & white. I will post the un-photoshopped version tomorrow. The texture is from Pink Sherbet Photography, who has amazing textures and photography.

“You moved

Moonlike and precise

Between me

And my pain.

Orbits froze.

A universe fell.

Only space

And the soft

Round circle

Of your love


~ The Eclipse by Carol Lynn Pearson

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Illustration Friday: Duet

Duet is a wonderful word. One can do so much with it. So many things are done in pairs.

The idea behind this piece is that the girl and boy work on a radio show, and they sort of have a behind the scenes romance.

Done with ink & watercolour.

I am also working on doing the same piece as a photoshop painting, as I felt it sort of lent itself to that. My photoshop painting skills are so out of practice though, so I decided to just post this up, since the actual piece on computer is going to take me forever to get to a level where I would be happy to post it up. Look out for it later in the year when I’m not in the middle of dissertation & exam revision. 🙂

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