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Illustration Friday: Outside

It is forever since I have updated and while I generally don’t believe making excuses is a good habit, i actually have a brilliant excuse. I no longer have regular access to a scanner. however I come to you today with an update!


I thought I would upload a quick little sketch of one of my favourite outdoor spaces, the Southbank in London. I adore London and espeically the Southbank is an area I love to visit and walk, especially in the evening after a day out in London. Its typically where I my family ends up after a day out.


Hope you enjoy it and think about what some of your favourite outdoor spaces are.



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Illustration Friday: Wish

Here is my quick little illustration for ‘wish’. Style influenced by my current PROW: Positive Representation Of Women project. Theme influenced by the end of summer, beginning of autumn. Autumn is my favourite time of year.



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Illustration Friday: Radio

So I’m trying to get better at drawing men. Which is not working out all that well in my opinion. But I tell myself that if I keep working on it I’ll get there. I struggle with the body proportions. So I’ve kind of cheated on this one by giving him a baggy jacket. Yep, cheating. Hope you like it. I promise to put in more effort next week.



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Illustration Friday: Secret

Not quite happy with this one, the proportions don’t seen quite right, but Iwas trying some new things. Also thought I’d use some colour this week. 🙂



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Illustration Friday: Together

I had fun doing this one.I love drawing cute couples. I really need to practice drawing men though… This is one of my favourite quotes by one of my favourite authors.together

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Illustration Friday: Totem

So when I was thinking about totems, it made me think of Patronus’ in Harry Potter, because esentially they’re totems of the characters. My favourite patronus has always been Luna Lovegood’s hare so I decided to draw her with her hare. And then, because I’m obssesed with drawing historic costumes, I found this really pretty outfit, which she’s wearing. I always wondered what my patronus would be…


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Illustration Friday: Fresh

So I’m going to be starting my Masters degree soon, new university, new peer group etc. And I decided this weekend to get a new haircut. Bangs and short hair. This year I’ve become a lot more daring with my hair. So initially I wanted to draw someone with short hair, but it wasn’t working for me, so instead I did this picture to symbolise a fresh start. Leaving the old behind and starting a new day.


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Illustration Friday: Hybrid

So I was playing around with the idea of Hybrid for a while, its such a versatile subject! But for a while I’ve really wanted to draw some people with robot parts (I don’t know why, I’m sure it must have been inspired by something, but I’m not sure what) so I was drawn to the idea of drawing that as a hybrid between man and machine. I gave her to my younger brother who is 14 and told him to come up with a story for her.  Anyone else is of course also welcome to come up with story ideas for her, and I’d love to hear them! 😀

Again, sorry about the bad scan, I don’t have my photoshop or gimp up and running yet…


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