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New Art Project! PROW

A couple of months ago I started drawing some pictures of characters from some of my little sisters books. She is ten years old. I had been inspired by some articles I had seen online about giving girls books with strong female characters to read. How can we expect our girls to be strong leaders if in all the books they read the girl is either the prize or the sidekick?

So I found several wonderful websites that provide lists and reviews of books with strong female characters. My favourite by far is A Mighty Girl. It is brilliant, they have done so much hard work, its easy to search in specific categories and age groups, etc. I firmly recommend it. I used it a to source books (and toys and science experiments as well actually) for ‘mighty girls’. I was highly satisfied with the books I got her for her birthday and as prizes in the coming months (She gets earns stickers for extra homework and chores and can save up for prizes). Some of the books intrigued me (which is naturally why I bought them for her) and I read some of them when she finished with them. (She won’t let me read them before her. It makes her very upset and she hides them from me.) They are full of beautiful and wonderful strong characters who I admire and want to emulate!

So I wanted to draw a series of pictures for them. But then I began to expand my project. I wanted to not only draw illustrations of these strong fictional girls, I wanted to illustrate real women I admire as well.

So this is how my newest art project has been born. Inspired by Hermione Granger’s acronym SPEW, I decided to name my project PROW (its a bit better than SPEW) which stands for Positive Representation Of Women. Every week I will be posting a new illustration. In the next few months I also hope I’ll be able to start selling them on Etsy, so keep an eye out for that announcement in the future!

Everyone is welcome to recommend strong female people/characters, however bearing in mind that I already have a very long list so it may take a while and I reserve the right to not draw your suggestion.

So here is the kick-off illustration. This is Theodosia Throckmorton, the main character of one the series I’ve just bought my little sister. I thought I’d start with this one because I just read number one yesterday (more like last night to be honest) and it was brilliant! It is set during the Victorian Era. Theodosia lives in a museum that her parents run. They specialise in Egyptian artifacts and archaeology. However they keep bringing back cursed objects from Egypt, and only Theodosia can sense the curses and get rid of them. She is a fantastic heroine, most of all because throughout the whole thing she is terrified. However she is brave in equal measure. I recommend them for grownups as well even though Theodosia is 11, she is amazing.


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