Illustration Friday: Spirit


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Illustration Friday: Secret

Not quite happy with this one, the proportions don’t seen quite right, but Iwas trying some new things. Also thought I’d use some colour this week. 🙂



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Illustration Friday: Together

I had fun doing this one.I love drawing cute couples. I really need to practice drawing men though… This is one of my favourite quotes by one of my favourite authors.together

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Illustration Friday: Totem

So when I was thinking about totems, it made me think of Patronus’ in Harry Potter, because esentially they’re totems of the characters. My favourite patronus has always been Luna Lovegood’s hare so I decided to draw her with her hare. And then, because I’m obssesed with drawing historic costumes, I found this really pretty outfit, which she’s wearing. I always wondered what my patronus would be…


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Illustration Friday: Fresh

So I’m going to be starting my Masters degree soon, new university, new peer group etc. And I decided this weekend to get a new haircut. Bangs and short hair. This year I’ve become a lot more daring with my hair. So initially I wanted to draw someone with short hair, but it wasn’t working for me, so instead I did this picture to symbolise a fresh start. Leaving the old behind and starting a new day.


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The Followup…

So my brother is having lots of fun making up a story to go with the girl that I drew for Hybrid. So naturally, my 9-year-old sister also desired to be part of this ‘make-a-story-from-ShellyLou’s-drawing’ trend, so I drew her one as well. My sister adores playing the violin, so naturally hers received a violin. She named her Martha. I’m just glad my younger siblings think I’m pretty cool for once. Thats one of the problems when you have large age gaps between children, sometimes I’m the coolest thing since sliced bread, and sometimes I’m really annoying because I’m babysitting and telling them to brush their teeth before they go to bed…


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Illustration Friday: Hybrid

So I was playing around with the idea of Hybrid for a while, its such a versatile subject! But for a while I’ve really wanted to draw some people with robot parts (I don’t know why, I’m sure it must have been inspired by something, but I’m not sure what) so I was drawn to the idea of drawing that as a hybrid between man and machine. I gave her to my younger brother who is 14 and told him to come up with a story for her.  Anyone else is of course also welcome to come up with story ideas for her, and I’d love to hear them! 😀

Again, sorry about the bad scan, I don’t have my photoshop or gimp up and running yet…


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Ilustration Friday: Surveillance

Not a very good scan I’m afriad, I don’t currently have my own computer yet. Better will come. 🙂 The picture itself I must admit is also very hastily put together. I struggled to come up with something I wanted to draw for the theme. I wanted to do it in just pencil, its a while since I’ve allowed pencil lines to speak for themselves.


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Back in Action!

So after a rather long hiatus, due to travel, I’m back! And getting back into the swing of updating regularly, and doing illustration friday, and just about a million other things. 🙂

So never fear, this space shall be regularly updated from hereon!

Thank you for all your support and wonderful comments.