Little bit of Fan-art

So its quite a while since I’ve updated, due to life being busy in general. I’m starting a new internship at the end of this month, so have been packing up all my things so I can move, which always takes me way longer then I think it is. So I thought I’d just upload two pieces that I recently did on a whim.

These are basically fan-art for comics that I love. The first is for a comic called The Secret Science Alliance and the Copycat Crook, which is for kids. I got my 10-year-old sister to get it so I could read it (and I am not ashamed). The characters are about 10-12, so this is them reimagined in their twenties. The second is for an online comic called Wilde Life which I love, its got such pretty drawings, such a nice plot, and most of all I love the characters. So I couldn’t help myself doing a nice little piece for it.



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