Illustration Friday: Bottled

This weeks Illustration Friday word is bottled. So exciting, there are so many things to do with that! I had this idea that I wanted to draw a girl/ women amongst a lot of bottles. Went through several sketch ideas, which I may post at a later date. However one idea prevailed, which was spirit jars! You know the jars that you always have in biology with preserved snakes, squid, snails, fish, scorpions etc.

Now, I feel the need to explain why this idea prevailed, as people have before looked at my artwork with an almost frightened expression, and ask what on earth goes on in my mind. A while back me and my siblings went on the Spirits Collection tour at the Natural History Museum in London (which I recommend!). It was really fun and interesting (you know, if your the odd kind like me and my siblings who love looking at persevered giant squid and whale guts).

So I began drawing this girl, and the spirit jars. I put her in a school uniform, because the idea was that she was in a biology classroom. Lol, one of the things which I love about the composition is  that, I didn’t have to draw hands! People might have noticed that I suck at drawing hands, and avoid it when at all possibly. I drew in the snake and the squid, and then I was left with the lonely spirit jar in the middle, not knowing what to draw in it. I ended up drawing a heart in it, how symbolic. 🙂

Done in ink and watercolour, and then I played around with it in photoshop. Took all the colours away, lol, but I think it looked nice in black & white. I will post the un-photoshopped version tomorrow. The texture is from Pink Sherbet Photography, who has amazing textures and photography.

“You moved

Moonlike and precise

Between me

And my pain.

Orbits froze.

A universe fell.

Only space

And the soft

Round circle

Of your love


~ The Eclipse by Carol Lynn Pearson

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6 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Bottled

  1. shirley says:

    wonderful illustration!

  2. deeol says:

    This is really neat. Not sure I’d be able to decide between the black and white and coloured versions. They each have their advantages. Tie, I guess.

  3. Gretel says:

    Me encanta tu dibujo, en las dos versiones… pero el de color me ha llegado al corazón!!!! Es cierto, un corazón embotellado te hace invencible pero también tan triste y desolado… ¿Quién quiere un corazón embotellado????

    • shellylou says:

      Thank you so much for your comment, I’m glad you liked both versions 🙂 It is a bit of a sad and lonely piece, and not at all my personal feeling towards love, but my art sometimes takes on a life of its own 😛

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