When I grow up…

So, this little project began with doodling during lectures. In the lab we were in there was this magnificent large globe, and somehow this doodle was the result…

And then I sort of got thinking that I would love to do a series of doodles on the theme of occupations and studies. So this first one is Geography. I like it mostly because of the way she is learning on the globe, and looking sort of dreamy. i imagine her daydreaming about all the magnificent places she would like to travel to, and I wanted all the images to have a sort of passion for the subject.

I haven’t gotten all that much further on them, but I did draw up a Biology one.

My idea is to start off with school subjects. I’ll also be sticking to the theme of objects associated with the subject on columns.

Suggestions for subjects, occupations and objects which might be associated with them are very welcome! I must admit I’m a bit stumped on how to illustrate mathematics, and I want to do English literature, but without using a book, so suggestions are very, very welcome.


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