Valentines Day

So this is ridiculously late for Valentines day, but I haven’t had time to scan in images lately. Hence also why there have been no images, not because I haven’t been drawing every Friday. 🙂 Back to Valentines Day, I got myself some amazing new artist pens (the kind meant for illustrating comics) And I’ve been playing around with them any chance I can get!

This year I actually sort of changed my opinion about Valentines Day. I’ve sort of grown up with the idea that Valentines Day was just a silly commercial stunt to make everyone buy flowers and chocolate for each other. And I’ve never had anyone to share Valentines day with, so its always someone I’ve sort of laughed at, and generally scorned. (I know I’m a horrid person.) But this year I sort of figured that even if Valentines Day is a commercial stunt, its a nice idea isn’t it? Even if I don’t have anyone to share it with, its a nice idea to have a day where we celebrate love and the important people in our lives. 🙂

Oh well, the point is that Valentines Day gave me a wonderful excuse to draw sappy, in love couples. I love drawing people in love. It has its own inherent kind of beauty. So here we go, the two images I did for Valentines day, done with pen and watercolours.

story behind this one is that he has been away for a long time, and they have just been reunited, hence the very passionate kiss. 🙂I had fun thinking up hairstyles for this one. Unless I’m drawing/painting someone specific, I always struggle with picking a hairstyle (I know it sounds silly). For this one the girl ended up with my sisters hair (All my siblings have this gorgeous copper-red hair!) And for the guy, I had recently watched inception, so I stole the hairstyle from Arthur (who is super-mega-awesome-foxy-hot!)

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