Illustration Friday: Chicken

Illustration Friday, and what is the inspring word this week? Chicken?! Yep. I don’t even paticularly like chickens…  I had already decided that I wanted to try out the style of Cristian Grossi. I wouldn’t say I’ve done well, but it was fun to try a diferent style. I went through several preliminary sketches until I ended up with this one. The idea behind it is that she is turning her back on her ‘chicken side’ and looking towards the adventures of the future. I may make more attempts at this style more in future. Practice makes perfect!

Done in pen and felt-tip pen, scanned onto computer and edited in photoshop.

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3 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Chicken

  1. Indigene says:

    Wonderful graphic quality!

  2. Cristian says:

    Hey ShellyLou! what I nice surprise your post, it make me feel I’m famous! 😀
    I like your design, I would say that it is much better than the usual cristian grossi’s.
    a close Italian hug,

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