Illustration Friday: Afterwards

I’ve skipped two weeks of illustration friday! :O Oh no. I suppose its a reflection of how busy I’m been with university work. But today I bought a bunch of new sketchbooks, and decided it was time to unwind for a moment. And my ultimate way to unwind is to let my creative juices flow with free reign.

So the word for this week is afterwards. So many possibilities! The idea behind this piece is that the girl is reflecting on the love of her life, after he’s left on the airplane to a faraway country. Thats why her expression is sort of sour-sweet, not quite happy since shes upset he’s left, not quite sad since she is remembering all their happy memories. I suppose its a very melancholic image. At least that is its aim, and my attempt to illustrate the word afterwards.

Done in ink. Feedback greatly appreciated.

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