Illustration Friday: Spooky

This is a bit late in the week considering that tomorrow is friday, when the new word will come up, but I’ve made the deadline i suppose.

This weeks prompt was ‘Spooky’, very relevant considering it is soon Halloween. We took out our Halloween decorations today, and yesterday I made Jack O’ Lantern muffins for my little sisters class cake sale. 🙂 So I was all for this weeks prompt! I was very tempted to do something with vampires… but I wasn’t really getting any inspiration for it.

But  on  Sunday my family were looking through some old photo slides from when my dad was my age and spent two years in Germany. And him and his friend had these awesome beige trench coats! Me and my sister immediately accused the of being Russian spies. My sister and I have a thing for accusing people of being Russian spies if their wearing trench coats, and have dark hair. So I really wanted to draw someone in a trench coat, and this picture sort of sprung from it. According to my sister, he is haunted by the ghosts of his past. I rather think he’s pretty friendly with the ghosts, I have no idea what he’s doing with them, but whatever it is, its probably spooky!

Done in ink & watercolour.

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