Illustration Friday: Oldfashioned

I recently followed a link from another artists blog, and discovered the amazingness which is

The concept is that every Friday, a new word is posted on the website, and the participating artists must then create a piece of art somehow connected or inspired by that word.

For me, its a challenge. I love art, but I tend to have bursts of creativity, and periods where real life takes over, and all creative impulses are shelved. So Illustration Friday for me is a way for me to keep that little piece of creativity and fresh inspiration in my life, despite all the stress and work in the world around me.

So for this week, the word was Oldfashioned.

I sat drawing this while my little sister was at her modern dance lessons, and later while she was doing a rehearsal for a play. For a while I’ve wanted to draw some characters from a book I read in Victorian costume. Victorian outfits look like the most uncomfortable thing ever, they just look so heavy, but they are so classy and beautiful, and maybe its the heaviness, but they just seem to carry this noble air. When I think of old fashioned London I envision women in these grand Victorian costumes, so heres my take on oldfashioned.

Drawn first with your average ballpoint pen. You’ll come to notice that this is by far my favoured medium. With this particular piece however, I felt it needed some colour, so I pulled out my watercolours and had a bit of fun with them. Could have been improved with a bit more detail to the background, but I dislike doing backgrounds.

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2 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Oldfashioned

  1. Linda says:

    I like the sketchiness of the background. Glad to see you putting your waiting time to such good use!

  2. Ivy says:

    beautiful piece I love the looseness ♥

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